For all the years I have been selling wine to the public, I have observed that the normal wine buyer is generally intimidated by the complexity of the subject. There is simply so much to know that the prospect of investigating wine, even if you really like it, is truly daunting. Most of the wine buying world thus retreats into consistent, but generally uninspiring, well-known brands in an effort to simplify the buying decision and deal with a reasonable amount of information.

Diving Into Wine intends to simplify the decision making process not by succumbing to mass products but by taking on small bits of the complex universe of wine and enjoying them on their own. Each bit adds to a wine drinker’s foundation of knowledge and, after adding 6 or 8 or 12 new wines to their repertoire, my hope is that they will become more confident and adventurous consumers – fully ready to try and enjoy new wines. That’s a benefit that will reward their taste buds as well as support the myriad of small wine producers all over the world.

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